Tuesday, August 14, 2007

YFC Host - free hosting

They just opened up their own webhosting. Its basically hosting for posting.

Here the plans.

YFC - 1

Web Space: 100mb
Bandwidth: 1GB
Post required: 10

YFC - 2

WebSpace: 400mb
Bandwidth: 2 GB
Post required: 25

YFC - 3

Web Space: 1 GB
Bandwidth: 4 GB
Post required: 35

YFC - Xt

Web Space 2 GB
Bandwidth: 10 GB
Posts required: 75

Feature List:

Its so easy to get hosting from them! All you gotta do is spend a very little amount of time making just a few posts on a forum in exchange for this great service! You can't get this reliability or amount of features anywhere else!

To sign up:
Register on the forums and make the required posts. Then make a request in the Hosting Requests Forum.

Link to forums:

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