Monday, August 27, 2007

Glacier Host - Free cPanel Hosting & Other Services

Glacier Host, run off of the Zero Degree Network, is bringing you free hosting. For a few posts per month, less than most other hosts, you can have quality cPanel hosting, WITHOUT ADS!

----------!~Homemade Hosting~!---------

Disk Space: 100MB
Bandwidth: 1024MB or 1GB
MySQL Databases: 2
FTP Accounts: 2
Email Accounts, lists, filters: 2
Subdomains: 2
Addon & Parked Domains: 2
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Disk Space: 250MB
Bandwidth: 3072MB or 3GB
MySQL Databases: 5
FTP Accounts: 5
Email Accounts, lists, filters: 5
Subdomains: 5
Addon & Parked Domains: 5
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Disk Space: 500MB
Bandwidth: 5120MB or 5GB
MySQL Databases: 10
FTP Accounts: 10
Email Accounts, lists, filters: 10
Subdomains: 10
Addon & Parked Domains: 10
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----------!~Other Services~!---------

Blog Hosting, powered by Wordpress.
Found here:
Unlimited customization, Free Subdomain.
No posting required.

----------!~Special Offers~!---------

Disk Space: 750MB
Bandwidth: 7168MB or 7GB
MySQL Databases: 12
FTP Accounts: 12
Email Accounts, lists, filters: 12
Subdomains: 12
Addon & Parked Domains: 12
12 posts per month Read More

Disk Space: 1024MB
Bandwidth: 10240MB or 10GB
MySQL Databases: 15
FTP Accounts: 15
Email Accounts, lists, filters: 15
Subdomains: 15
Addon & Parked Domains: 15
15 posts per month Read More

----------!~New, Ad-Supported Hosting~!---------

Disk Space: 1536MB
Bandwidth: 15360MB or 15GB
MySQL Databases: 25
FTP Accounts: 25
Email Accounts, lists, filters: 25
Subdomains: 25
Addon & Parked Domains: 25
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These offers and more, found only at Glacier Hosting.

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