Tuesday, August 28, 2007

5GB Webspace || 10GB Bandwidth || cPanel 11 || No ads + FREE DOMAIN

I saw this long post at a free hosting forums. Try them and let me know.

We are offering free webhosting services in the UK & US as a limited period offer only to FWS users. Webhosting Solutions core beliefs include:

Free hosting for all
Low prices
Highly automated systems
Giving our customers control
Powerful products
Small teams of high quality employees

Our current server specification is: (On dell servers)

* Dual Intel Xeon Processor 3.4GHz with 2MB Cache
* 8 GB RAM
* Dual 136 GB SCSI Drive (for the operating system)
* RAID Mirroring (for the operating system)
* Dual Power Supplies
* Dual Gigabit Network Adapters

Our system utillse the latest redhat server technology to allow our servers to continually up to date with redhate system and security patches.

As a part of our promotional campaign at WebHosting Solutions we are offering our clients aswell as the members of the forum a chance to get a free domain for a year or next month hosting off free. All you have to do is join our forum http://www.webhosting.uk.com/forums and contribute with quality posts and threads.

Only first 20 members to complete the required number of posts are entitled for the prize. (Note: We may extend this soon.)

Eligibility criteria:
30 Post: Free domain
50 Post: One month free hosting (for customers and members of this forum)
100 Post: Free shared extra plan for a year, or starter plan for life!
10 Posts per month: Hosting upgraded 2x
20 posts per month: Hosting upgraded 5x
30 Posts per month: Hosting upgraded 10x

This means if you're on the "Starter Package" (1.5GB Webspace & 5GB Bandwidth) and you contribute to the forums with quality posts and threads, we will uprgade your hosting to 3GB Webspace and 10GB Bandwidth which is 2x larger (double) just by posting 10 posts per month.

Note: Posts made in the community forums won't be eligible for the contest & We reserve rights to BAN your account if you start irritating other members. All you must do to claim your prize is let us know, you can either contact us, post on our forums or open a ticket and we will review your posts/threads

As for this limited period offer promotion to FWS users
(Offer ends 10th September 2007)

We are offering paid hosting to free hosting as a promotion to "FreeWebspace.net" users. All prices are inclusive to VAT.

We provide shared and reseller webhosting services in the US and UK. We provide the cPanel 11 for the US and our own branded cPanel for the UK.
This package includes:

Diskspace: 1,500 MB (FREE Upgrade 10 posts a month -> 3,000, for higher webspace upgrades see above)

Data transfer: 5,000 MB (FREE Upgrade inclusive to diskspace 10 posts a month, you also will receive 10GB (10,000MB) Data transfer.)

Fully Integrated Domain Management: Yes
24x7 Technical Support: Yes
Uptime: 99.9% (100% most of the times)
System status page: You will know the upcoming system maintenance etc..
Webmail - access emails anywher: Yes

All features are unlimited, such as additional FTP Accounts, unlimited MySQL Databases, email accounts, subdomains, frontpage extensions. No ads!

To signup add "support@webhosting-solutions.co.uk" on MSN, or email us.
For the free domain offer see above, or you either got to register/transfer a domain through our site, or host the domain elsewhere and update the name servers.

How do I signup?

Go to http://webhosting-solutions.co.uk/fr...plication.html
And type "x5gHY89" for the Promotion Code/Coupon.

If you are not sure if you want your hosting in the UK or US, go to HERE and view the control panel demos.

(The brandable cPanel is based in the UK, and cPanel 11 is based in the US)

Website -> http://www.webhosting-solutions.co.uk
Community -> http://forum.webhosting-solutions.co.uk (Forums just installed)

If you have any questions contact us or reply to this thread...


After I signup for the free hosting, how long will I receive the login details to my e-mail?

- After we review your application, you will receive the login details less than 1 day. How ever, when you order online, our automated system will set up your account immediately. You will receive a welcome email with your login and other important information as soon as we received your payment. If how ever you didn't receive the login details to your e-mail adderss within 30 minutes please contact us.

What happens if I run out of diskspace/bandwidth?

- If you run out of diskspace/bandwidth we will notify you, and suspend your account so you can not upload anymore. This means you MUST
upgrade your hosting. Note: Accounts that remain suspened for 50 days will be teminated WITHOUT warning!

I see you offer a 99.9% uptime gurantee, what happens if this gurantee is avoided?

- Webhosting-Solutions.co.uk guarantee of 99.9% service uptime allows for 45 minutes of (HTTP) service outage per month as defined here. If any server has any additional 45 minutes of downtime (90+ minutes in total) then you will receive 1-Month Free Web Hosting added to your account. How ever we do aim to keep our systems available to our customers 100% of the time. Refer to http://webhosting-solutions.co.uk/uptime-sla.html for detailed information on our Uptime SLA.

Is the free webhosting forever?

- If you agree to the Terms & Conditions and do not violate the TOS your account will be hosted forever unless you cancel.

Can I upgrade?

- You can upgrade your hosting at anytime, simply open a ticket with us and let us know.

Do you offer a 30 day back money gurantee?

- If you're unhappy with your web hosting, within 30 days of opening your account, we'll refund your hosting fees. Simply email us or open a ticket at the support page and let us know you're not happy and we'll make the refund.
If anyone has any additional questions please let me know.
Customer Survery
Customer Satisfaction: 98.2%
Not Satisfied: 1.5%
No answer: 0.3%

Web tools/Features
Satisfied: 93.7%
Not Satisfied: 2.2%
No answer: 4.1%
We currently have 350 happy clients
and our business is very successfull.

What's there to loose? Sign-up!
Ignore the "Free hosting features" on the website as this is a promotion to FWS users.

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