Friday, August 10, 2007

DoubleTake Web Solutions

DoubleTake WS (web solutions) is a new hosting company located in Washington, DC. They are schedule to open for business on February, next year, offering shared web hosting and game servers. Their goal is to provide reliable services when the time come. In order to accomplish our goal, they want to provide free hosting in the meantime to kick off the company and gain status in the business.

F5GB Package:
CPanel Control Panel w/ Fantastico and RVskin
5 GB (5120 MB) Disk Space
20 GB Transfer
Unlimited Sub Domains
2 E-mail Accounts
5 MySQL Databases or use your own domain

All free accounts will be hosting on our Dual Core Xeon 2.13GHz box. Their site is currently in development at the moment, so there is no where you can look for other plans. To sign up for this free service, please contact me at doubletakews @ yahoo dot com. Sign up form and instant activation will be available Saturday of August 11, 2007.

Remember this:
We do not allow hosting of adult content or illegal material such as copyrighted mp3's, movies and warez.

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