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Formally Prosoft Studio Free Hosting: is a established company recently acquired by Prosoft Studio. All Prosoft Studio free web hosting clients have been transferred to this new company. Prosoft Studio is now a paid-only service.

All Post Count Requirements Are One-Time

Free Shared cPanel Web Hosting Plans
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- Latest Version of cPanel/WHM
- Fantastico De Luxe
- cPanel x3 Theme
- And More...

Shared 1
100MB Web Space
500MB Bandwidth Per Month
cPanel 11
1 Parked Domain
1 Addon Domain
5 FTP Accounts
5 MySQL Databases
5 Email Accounts
5 Mail Listings
Requirements: No Forum Posts

Shared 2
500MB Web Space
2,500MB Bandwidth Per Month
cPanel 11
2 Parked Domain
2 Addon Domain
10 FTP Accounts
10 MySQL Databases
10 Email Accounts
10 Mail Listings
Requirements: 20 Forum Posts

Shared 3
1,000MB Web Space
5,000MB Bandwidth Per Month
cPanel 11
3 Parked Domain
3 Addon Domain
20 FTP Accounts
20 MySQL Databases
20 Email Accounts
20 Mail Listings
Requirements: 40 Forum Posts

Shared 4
2,500MB Web Space
12,500MB Bandwidth Per Month
cPanel 11
4 Parked Domain
4 Addon Domain
30 FTP Accounts
30 MySQL Databases
30 Email Accounts
30 Mail Listings
Requirements: 60 Forum Posts

Shared 5
5,000MB Web Space
25,000MB Bandwidth Per Month
cPanel 11
5 Parked Domain
5 Addon Domain
40 FTP Accounts
40 MySQL Databases
40 Email Accounts
40 Mail Listings
Requirements: 80 Forum Posts

Shared 6
10,000MB Web Space
50,000MB Bandwidth Per Month
cPanel 11
6 Parked Domain
6 Addon Domain
50 FTP Accounts
50 MySQL Databases
50 Email Accounts
50 Mail Listings
Requirements: 100 Forum Posts

Custom Plan (Unlocked at 100 Posts)
In order to make a custom plan, you must have at least 100 posts. Before posting your custom request, please make sure you do have enough posts. Do not include the required 100 posts in your total posts needed for your custom plan.

Disk Space: 10 Posts/1,000MB
Monthly Bandwidth: 5 Posts/1,000MB
FTP Accounts: 5 Posts/FTP Account
Email Accounts: 5 Posts/Email Account
Email Lists: 5 Posts/Email List
MySQL Databases: 5 Posts/Database
Subdomains: 5 Posts/Subdomain
Parked Domains: 15 Posts/Parked Domain
Addon Domains: 15 Posts/Addon Domain

Free cPanel Web Hosting Reseller Plans
Our free cPanel web hosting reseller plans will be available in a couple weeks. Please stay tuned for more information.

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