Saturday, September 8, 2007

WebHosting - Ad-Free/Forum Free Posting - 500MegsSpace/10GigsBW - cPanel

500 Megs Space/10 Gigs Bandwidth (Can be raised on a case by case basis)
cPanel 11 with Fantastico / Host a Domain or on a Sub-Domain
5 Addon Domains/10 Parked Domains/10 Sub-Domains/10 FTP Accounts/5 MySQL or Postgre Databases
PHP(With phpmyadmin), Perl/CGI, SSI
No file restrictions, upload zips, flash, etc. / 50 Meg File Size Limit
E-Mail Accounts can be given after signup, and your site is going so they can see you are not a spammer.

No forum posting, no ads, just good free hosting. You can place a small text link back to Level Up Host on your main page, it can be at the very bottom, and just say something like "Hosted by Level Up Host"

No Adult Sites, No Illegal Content or linking to illegal content, this includes ROMS and Warez.


If you want to sign up or get more info, visit and see contact info.

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